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Tittel: Vacation planning
Skrevet av: AchimTi., 8,Januar,2008,07,19
Hello all,

my wife and my wan't to spend two weeks in April in Norway. Thousands of questions we have and so where else than here where we are under friends...

Which is the best location for walking around, feel the nature and where is it easy to travel to?

We are planning to arrive with the ferry from Germany and then travel by car. We will have bed and breakfast in two or three different locations.

We are NO outdoor freaks with tents and washing in a lake and shitting behind a tree and so on, we don't have backpacks and don't wan't to spend two weeks without civilization.

Hope there is someone who can help us to find out a good location.


Tittel: Sv: Vacation planning
Skrevet av: Stein-KTi., 8,Januar,2008,07,39
Hello and welcome to our site and Norway!!

There are several good locations around Oslo. Do you want to visit by car or by foot, or in the car? There are good locations for offroading within 1 hour drive from Oslo.

We are also having a big Annual meeting in Gol, appr 2 hour from Oslo one of the first weekends in April. This is on a very nice hotel with Spa and water resort. We are going to head UP the slalom slopes, have some relaxing competitions and a nice trip in to/on the mountains. This trip i would really encurage to join!!!

There are to many places to go and to many things to do..... So if you can specify a little more i can help you more.

Regards Stein