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Also known as the Cherokee outside the US. First introduced in 2002, it gained popularity and became one of the best selling vehicles in its class. Built as a unibody, the same as its predecessor, the XJ Cherokee. It caused a lot of controversy for fans of the XJ Cherokee as it incorporates independent suspension as opposed to solid axle, and got rid of the familiar rectangular headlights and boxy bodyshape.

The body comes in only the four-door style with a lifting rear window and swinging rear door. Unlike the XJ Cherokee, the KJ has the spare tire mounted on the swinging door, low enough to provide a clear view out the back from inside. The KJ is a unibody design.

The body and interior was refreshed in 2005. The major external difference is that the fog lights were integrated into the grill on 05-07 models, whereas they were previously located in the bumper on 02-04 models. The 05-07 models also have plastic rocker panel covers not present on 02-04 models.

Trim Levels
    * Sport: Base trim level. Included gray ABS plastic fenders and bumpers.
    * Limited: Optional trim level. Included color matched fenders, trim and bumpers and standard aluminum wheels.
    * Renegade: Stylistic trim level. Included fog lights mounted on bumper. Flatter hood and fenders on some years. Plastic fenders had decorative metal rivets. Included custom aluminum renegade specific wheels and an optional four beam offroad light mounted on the roof. Not offered in 2007 model year.
    * Latitude Edition: Stylistic trim level for 07 KJ's. Included fancier interior and color matched trim.
    * Freedom Edition: Stylistic trim level for US market that borrowed style queues from Renegade and Limited models. Freedom edition featured custom paint colors unique to the trim level.
    * Rocky Mountain Edition: Stylistic trim level similar to the Freedom edition.

    * 2.4L I-4 Power Tech DOHC I-4. This was the base engine on early year KJ's. Is was replaced with the 3.7 as the base option on later year KJ's.
    * 3.7L V-6 Power Tech V6. This was an optional engine on original year KJ's. It became the standard engine on later years. It is the most common engine. Models with this engine feature a "3.7" badge on the right rear tail gate.
    * 2.5L Turbo Diesel This was optional on 02-04 models outside the NAFTA market.
    * 2.8L Turbo Diesel This was optional on 05-06 models. These models are badged "CRD" instead of "3.7" on the right rear tail gate.

Transmission Info
Manual Trans
    * NSG370 6 speed manual used starting in 2005 model year.
    * NV1500/NVG1500 5 speed manual used in 02-04 model years.

Automatic Trans
    * 42RLE This four speed automatic transmission was used in KJ's from 03-07 model years.
    * 45RFE/545RFE A 4 or 5 speed automatic transmission. The 45RFE was the automatic transmission used in 02 model year KJs. The 545RFE was used in the CRD. It was the only transmission used in the CRD in the NAFTA market. Both are essentially the same transmission with one having 4 forward gears enabled and the other using 5 forward gears. They are considered more reliable and heavier duty than the 42RLE.

Transfer Case Info
    * NP231 Standard part time "CommandTrac" transfer case for all automatic transmission KJ's.
    * NP242 Optional full time "SelectTrac" transfer case for all automatic transmission KJ's.
    * NP241 Transfer case for manual transmission KJ's.

Front Axle Dana 30a
This axle is also known as 186IFA. This is not the same axle as the regular Dana30 (in the XJ). It is an different aluminium axle designed for use in IFS applications. This diff has a weak case that does not like shock loading (spinning the wheels and then applying load). It should not be used with larger than 32 inch tires.

Rear Axle Chrysler 8.25
This is the standard rear axle on KJs. It is the 29 spline version.

Rear Axle Dana 35
his axle is also found on some KJ's, usually 02-03 models and export models.

Rear Axle Dana 44
This axle is extremely rare on KJ's in stock form. It can be found on South African export models.

The KJ is available stock in 3.73, 4.10 and 3.55 ratios. The 3.73 is used on all automatic vehicles except four cylinders, which use a 4.10 ratio. The 3.55 is only used on manual applications.

Stock Specs
Dimensions and Weights
    * Jeep Ground Clearance: 9.5 inches (According to Jeep)
    * Real Ground Clearance: 6.4 to 7.5 inches on 4x4 models depending on stock equipment.
    * Breakover Angle: 21.8 degrees
    * Departure Angle: 31.5 degrees
    * Approach Angle: 37.2 degrees
    * Overall Length: 174.7 inches
    * Overall Height: 71.8 inches
    * Overall Width: 71.8 inches
    * Wheelbase: 104.2 inches
    * Turning Diameter: 35.9 feet
    * Overhang front: 28.9 inches
    * Overhang rear: 41.4 inches
    * Curb weight: 3,800-4,296 pounds
    * Payload Capacity: 1,150 pounds
    * Cargo Capacity: 69.0 cubic feet

Fluid Capacities and Types

Fuel Tank
(Gas and Diesel) 19.5 U.S. Gallons (74 Liters)

Engine Oil
    * 2.4L I-4 Type: 5w-30 or 10w-30 SAE Quantity: 4.7L (5.0 qts.)
    * 3.7L V-6 Type: 5w-30 or 10w-30 SAE Quantity: 4.7L (5.0 qts.)
    * 2.5L Turbo Diesel Type: 0W-40 or 5W-40 synthetic (CI-4 rated recommended) Quantity: 6.0L (6.3 qts.)
    * 2.8L Turbo Diesel Type: 0W-40 or 5w-40 synthetic (CI-4 rated recommended) Quantity: 6.0L (6.3 qts.)

Engine Coolant
    * Type: HOAT long life
    * 2.4L I-4 9.5L (10.0 qts.)
    * 3.7L V-6 13.2L (14.0 qts.)
    * 2.5L Turbo Diesel 12.5L (13.2 qts.)
    * 2.8L Turbo Diesel 12.5L (13.2 qts.)

Power Steering System
    * Type: ATF-4
    * Quantity: Varies

Transmission Fluid
    * 45RFE/545RFE Type: ATF-4 Service fill: 4.73L (10.0 pts) Overhaul fill: 13.33L (28.0 pts)
    * 42RLE Type: ATF-4 Service fill: 42RLE 3.8L (8.0 pts) Overhaul fill: 42RLE 8.3L (17.6 pts)
    * NSG370 Type: Manual Transmission Fluid MS-9224 Quantity: 4X4 - 1.98L (4.2 pts.) 4X2 - 2.28L (4.8 pts.)
    * NV1500/NVG1500 Quantity: 2.3L (4.8 pts.)

Transfer Case
    * NP231 Type: ATF-4 Quantity: 1.4L (2.95 pts.)
    * NP242 Type: ATF-4 Quantity: 1.6L (3.4 pts.)
    * NP241 Type: ATF-4 Quantity: 2.0L (4.2 pts.)

Front Axle
    * Type: 80w-90 Quantity: 1.24L (2.6 pts.)

Rear Axle
    * Type: 75w-90 for light duty, 75w-140 Synthetic otherwise
    * Quantity: 2.08L (4.4 pts.)
    * When equipped with Trac-lok, include 118 ml (4.0 ounces) of limited slip additive.

Brake Fluid
    * Type: Dot 3

    * Ball Joints: Many KJ models between the production years 2002 - 2006 were recently recalled due to accelerated lower ball joint (LBJ) wear, which lead to several accidents, and a few injuries.
    * Blower Motor: Most KJ models were recalled for faulty ac/heater blower motors that could potentially start a vehicle fire.
    * Currently the NTSB is investigating upper ball joint failures in the KJ.

After the KJ
The KJ was replaced by the KK Liberty in 2008. This was supposedly aimed at fans of the more boxy XJ Cherokee.

Link til service and repair manual:
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02 Jeep Cherokee 2,5 CRD Sport (KJ)

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Kanskje admin kan gjøre denne sticky? Har logga på for å sjekke ting her flere ganger siden den ble posta. :)
02 Jeep Cherokee 2,5 CRD Sport (KJ)

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For å bli en prioritert tråd burde det egentlig legges litt mere jobb i den enn klipp og lim fra et annet nettsted. Men den kan få henge her til noen lager en bedre.

Om du ser inne på andre modeller er de prioriterte trådene oversatt til norsk. Gjerne med bilder og linker.
Dette er et forum fra Jeep eiere til Jeep eiere. Så det blir så bra som brukerene selv lager det :)

Kanskje du tar på deg jobben og lager en infotråd om KJ?

Og brukerene av dette forumet er mer enn velkommen til å legge ut bilder av egen Jeep. Om det er ønskelig lager vi et prioritert emne med bilder av KJ.
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Utenfor USA ble nok 2,8 CRD tilgjengelig før 2005.
En kjenning hentet seg en sen 2003 KJ CRD 2,8 idag.
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It's a jeep thing. You wouldn't understand! I don't.