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Tittel: Rear axis
Skrevet av: Jeeplife.lvTi., 3,Desember,2019,21,58
Hello guys.. I have a big problem with my WJ grand cherokee.
I am from Latvia. Going to Hamar with my WJ the bearing which is on rear axis just stoped working and it cut on a half rear axis. So I'm trying to find new one. There is two types of axis one is with 27 grooves in it which is easy to find. Other one is with 30 grooves.. I need that one with 30 grooves.. New one is possible to order from US but I have no time to wait for it.. I was looking for it in poland they don't have. I called to all scrap yards in Latvia and no results.. Now there are two hopes. Maybe one of you have this part, or in Lithuania but I'm already wait for 3days answer they still looking for it.. I have Jeep grand cherokee wj 2004year production 2,7crd
Tittel: Sv: Rear axis
Skrevet av: teerexOn., 4,Desember,2019,00,17
You have a Dana44a, probably with Quadradrive.
Remember the lenght of the axle shafts are different from a non Quadradrive axle.
Tittel: Sv: Rear axis
Skrevet av: Jeeplife.lvOn., 4,Desember,2019,07,11
Wow, that I didn't know.. But it is very weird because I cannot find it.. I thought all wj's are quadra drive
Tittel: Sv: Rear axis
Skrevet av: teerexOn., 4,Desember,2019,12,19
Maybe all 2004 WJ models are quadradrive, at least the 2,7 and V8 for Europe.
But there are 1999-2001 models without quadradrive in Norway.